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An intelligent system for improved efficiency and effectiveness of the customs control of passenger baggage from international flight arrivals.

Our mission

With the substantial growth of the volume of air travellers and limited human resources available, the border and customs authorities at inland border airports see the need for new tools, which will increase the effectiveness and efficiency of baggage customs controls without the need to increase the total number of human resources involved in the process.

BAG-INTEL is a Horizon Europe project established to address this need. Over the course of the project, our international consortium will bring together all their expertise to develop robust AI-based information utilization and decision-making support tools that will help the border and customs authorities at inland border airports perform their duties.

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Project features

  • AI-powered functionality for enhanced detection of contraband in X-ray scanning of luggage
  • AI-camera-based end-to-end reidentification of luggage
  • Digital twin for system visualization and performance optimization
  • Use cases for tests, demonstrations, and evaluations at three different airports across the EU
  • Easy-to-use training material for end users

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