Discover here all relevant initiatives and projects BAG-INTEL will liaise with during project runtime.

The ODYSSEUS European project aims to enhance the experience of border crossing for travelers and border authorities’ staff while keeping secure and tracking the movements across external water and land borders of the EU.  This initiative aims to protect passengers’ fundamental rights while promoting the security and integrity of the European space by minimizing unauthorized cross-border movements of people and goods.

MELCHIOR Project logo

The MELCHIOR project aims to improve fast detection of drugs, explosives, weapons, and illicit goods concealed on individuals and in critical human cavities. The technology uses infrasound mechanical impedance interrogation and non-contact technologies, enhancing border staff safety and ensuring travelers’ privacy. The MELCHIOR solution is intended for operational environments, including airports, sea-ports, land borders, crowded events, and prisons. The technology is expected to significantly improve travelers’ experiences while protecting their privacy.

BAG-INTEL will also receive input, feedback, and support from the following Agencies: