To highlight the social and technological impacts of the proposed solutions, BAG-INTEL has planned three use cases.

Use case 1: Small international airport, Billund Airport, Billund, Denmark

BAG-INTEL Use case 1

This use case will comprise a setup of the full BAG-INTEL system, including a dog inspection track at the Billund Airport. An X-ray/CT scanner and cameras for registration and luggage finding will be provided by the project. The use case will also implement the AI/camera registration of the luggage for easy re-detection at the customs area when exiting the airport.

Use case 2: Medium-sized international airport, Makedonia Airport, Thessaloniki, Greece

BAG-INTEL Use case 2

This use case will comprise a setup of the full BAG-INTEL system (without a dog track). An X-ray/CT scanner will be provided by the project. The airport will provide a handheld device for scanning the bag tag label before the luggage enters the X-ray/CT scanner to collect information, such as the departure airport of the luggage, to feed the knowledge base for risk analysis. This use case will also consider the requirements for integrability with the related existing systems applied by the airport, the customs, and the airport police.

Use case 3: Large international airport, Adolfo Suárez Madrid–Barajas Airport, Madrid, Spain

BAG-INTEL Use case 3

More information on this use case will follow soon

Moreover, to familiarize the security practitioners and the airport personnel with the BAG-INTEL platform, several training materials based on the co-design principles will be developed by the project partners.