We are happy to share that as an EU-funded project relevant to border security, BAG-INTEL will receive input, feedback, and support from Frontex, which promotes, coordinates, and develops European border management in line with the EU fundamental rights charter. We are glad to have an opportunity to benefit from Frontex’s knowledge and expertise, which will help us achieve our project objectives.

Other new EU-funded border security projects monitored and supported by Frontex include:

Project EINSTEIN will deliver six applications essential to fight identity frauds: 1) online ID issuance using a secure cloud-based server for real-time biometric quality checks and fraud detection, 2) mobile document and identity checks using commercially available smartphones, 3) document authentication module to detect fraudulent documents, 4) pre-registration for land-border crossings including biometrics and Digital Travel Credentials (DTC), 5) Entry Exit System kiosk with advanced fraud detection using video surveillance, 6) fast track for enrolled travellers using on-the-move face and iris.

Project SafeTravellers proposes both a new way of citizen identification based on multiple biometrics as well as an enhancement of the current way of identity verification at the borders through a set of tools that will detect attacks at the biometric hardware, identity and travel document fraud and attempts to falsify biometrics.

Project SMAUG will improve the underwater detection of threats in ports and their entrance routes, by means of an integrated system capable of providing data concerning threat analysis between three main elements: ports security infrastructure, advanced underwater detection systems and surveillance vessels.

Project UnderSec will develop a modular/holistic approach prototype system, consisting of multimodal sensors and robotic assets, for ships’, ports’ and maritime infrastructures’ Underwater Security Situational Awareness and Decision-Making Support, with relevant Response capabilities.

Project METEOR provides a new concept of cargo screening detector with a highly efficient air sampling technique and the ion mobility multidetector sensing technology.

Project CosmoPort proposes a completely novel, yet highly effective solution for detecting illicit goods in small shipments, developing the next generation of scanner systems using Atmospheric Ray Tomography.

Project CONNECTOR aims for the first time to suggest an integrated, common and shared risk assessment approach for all Border Management Authorities, considering the pan-EU common risk indicators per end user group (Customs and Border and Coast Guards authorities).

About Frontex

Frontex is an EU Agency responsible for supporting EU Member States and Schengen-associated countries in the management of the EU’s external borders and the fight against cross-border crime. In February 2020, Frontex and the EC’s Directorate-General for Migration and Home Affairs signed Terms of Reference regarding Frontex’s role in the EU’s Research & Innovation Programmes (Horizon), which laid the foundation for a close partnership and an enhanced Frontex contribution to maximising EU’s research as a joint goal-oriented effort.